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Tripod's lecture series, Contagious: How design adapts, invites industry experts to examine how the pandemic has impacted their design processes, the ways the products they create are changing – and what this all means for those looking for entry into the sector.

Lecture #3 - Unconfined: How does the creative community take all we've learnt from the last year, recover and re-imagine?

After a year of adapting and shape-shifting from the confines of our homes, the creative community has learnt valuable lessons about how to diversify their practices and move to working online. Now, looking to the future based on the experience of Brixton's creative networks, Sarah Henderson, Binki Taylor and Charlie Waterhouse from The Brixton Project present a lecture on adaptation.

In this lecture, The Brixton Project will revisit the challenges of this year and reflect on how those have been experienced by local artists and designers, educators and practitioners - the changing demands and perspectives on work, how new working processes impact creativity, the time and space that opened up for new ideas. They will discuss moving to digital modes of consultation and engagement. And they will look at the resilience and inventiveness of the sector, and the important role the creative industry will play in catalysing an equitable and inclusive Covid recovery.

The Brixton Project works with local artists to create what they call ‘participatory placemaking’. They work on the principle that development should take place WITH the locals, not TO the locals, be that workers or residents. Engagement with locality leads to pride, care and a supportive community environment, which is at the core of Brixton.

The Brixton Project have also developed Make It In Brixton, a campaign to bring together all the stakeholders in Lambeth’s Creative Enterprise Zone. This platform showcases and shares exciting local initiatives and acts as a catalyst for collaboration. It invites anyone and everyone to be a part of creativity.


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