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The Art of Collaboration

Tripod Fireside Chats are a new series of online conversations between Tripod tenants and other local organisations offering a glimpse into the life of Lambeth small businesses. We chat about opportunities and challenges faced, share ideas, and figure out together how to square up to the future. Whether you're a local resident trying to get into the creative industries, a start-up looking to understand how others have navigated the obstacles you're facing, or an established enterprise keen to collaborate more widely and share your hard-won experiences, join us! It's the conversations we have with each other that make Lambeth such an exciting place for small organisations and creative talent to work.

Corali Dance Company X Lambeth Cultural Team

Tripod tenants Corali are leaders in dance created by artists with a learning disability. In this event, they will be speaking to Lambeth Cultural team about their work and other initiatives to broaden access to art in the borough.

Programmes promoting inclusivity in the arts are not the sole preserve of major, heavily-funded institutions. Smaller organisations like Corali have for decades been making exciting and important work with the communities they are part of. In this conversation they will be talking about what it takes to survive and grow, and the value of collaboration, with leaders of Lambeth Cultural team who through their work have been instrumental in opening up access to the arts in the borough. They'll be talking about adapting to the challenges of the last year, enabling and inspiring diverse communities, and future opportunities for organisations working together in Lambeth.

Corali Dance Company - a leader in dance created by artists with a learning disability. Corali explores the relationship between performers with and without a learning disability, between dance and other art forms, and between professional and participatory artwork - Sarah Archdeacon and Jennifer Dyer

Lambeth Cultural Team - Lambeth Council is extending opportunity and opening up the sector through initiatives like ELEVATE, connecting young people with creativity - Vicky Long and Dawn Bunce.


Up Next

Our next webinar will be hosted on Tuesday 23 March @ 6pm. Extant is the UK's leading professional performing arts company of visually impaired artists and theatre practitioners. Rhianne Rowson from Extant will be discussing "the past, present and future of inclusive design in the arts". Register now.

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