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The Ethical Approach to Starting and Growing a Business

This new series of relaxed midwinter fireside chats between Tripod tenants and other local organisations offers a glimpse into the life of Lambeth small businesses. Tune in for conversations about what it's like to start up a new business in Lambeth - particularly social enterprises, and businesses in the creative and tech sectors. We'll be chatting about opportunities and challenges faced, sharing ideas, and figuring out together how to square up to the future. Whether you're a local resident trying to get into the creative industries, a start-up looking to understand how others have navigated the obstacles you're facing, or an established enterprise keen to collaborate more widely and share your hard-won experiences, join us! It's the conversations we have with each other that make Lambeth such an exciting place for small businesses and creative talent to work.

Graft x Muugen Studios

The series kicks off with Tripod tenant Graft, who will be speaking to Muugen Studios and comparing their experiences of trying to build ethical businesses and working on projects within the local community. Many small businesses believe that thinking about operating ethically is something that has to come later, once they have more time or money or expertise. Graft and Muugen have both thought carefully about the foundations of their businesses, and completed pro-bono projects within Lambeth. They'll be talking about what that's looked like, hurdles expected and unexpected, and whether it's all been worth it. Graft - post-production studio, critical overflow facility and short form animation studio bringing fresh life to advertising content. Muugen Studios - creative video production agency that understands what makes brands tick.

In case you missed it, re-watch the conversation here:

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