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My Room in the Garden

Tripod's lecture series, Contagious: How design adapts, invites industry experts to examine how the pandemic has impacted their design processes, the ways the products they create are changing – and what this all means for those looking for entry into the sector.

Lecture #2 - My Room in the Garden: When challenging times spring new design solutions

For this second lecture in the series Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prišmontas, of innovative spatial design and architecture studio Boano Prišmontas, will be discussing the studio's response to lockdown and WFH - My Room in the Garden.

My Room in the Garden is a response to the strange new reality in which we find ourselves, but it also draws on the studio's previous thinking on adaptability and their inventive hands-on approach to proposing design solutions to the contemporary world. Meanwhile Space first worked with Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prišmontas when they won a competition to design a demountable fit-out structure to activate neglected railway arches in Loughborough Junction, and all of their projects draw inspiration from and combine various aspects of art, architecture, and technology.

My Room in the Garden is an easy-to-assemble, low-cost home office that can be built in one day. The modular design can fit a garden / courtyard / rooftop / pocket park of any size, and is an answer to the future way of working, offering employees struggling in cramped homes alternative spaces to work without any further sacrifices to their domestic space. In this talk they will discuss My Room in the Garden, adaptability in design, and the radical changes brought by a pandemic that has disrupted our live/work balance and, he believes, rendered office and home design standards outdated and almost obsolete.


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