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The past, Present and Future of Inclusive Design in the Arts

Tripod's new lecture series, Contagious: How Design Adapts, invites industry experts to examine how the pandemic has impacted their design processes, the ways the products they create are changing – and what this all means for those looking for entry into the sector.

Lecture #1 - The past, present and future of inclusive design in the arts

Rhianne Rowson, of Extant, will be kicking off our new series with a look at inclusivity in the arts. Extant is the UK's leading professional performing arts company of visually impaired artists and theatre practitioners, producing touring productions, delivering training regionally and internationally, and articulating and celebrating what visual impairment brings to the performing arts.

Rhianne will be speaking on the purpose of Extant and the impact of the pandemic, exploring the current and past state of design within the arts and its accessibility for visually impaired people, and looking to the future. She will discuss the two strands of Extant's work - trying to influence design through the company's own productions, and the work of others - and will detail how they ensure design is accessible for both audiences and performers, and the changes they have seen as a result.


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